Friday, July 12, 2013

Beaded Loom Tutorial for a Great Keychain

Hello everyone from Classy Art Glass

I have posted a Tutorial on  Check it out.

This came about from a pattern I created for my niece for her dance teams anniversary and I had to make 30 of them.  After I finished them I had some beads left over so I decided to put a pattern together that everyone else would enjoy.  Who doesn't love to tell their Mom you think she is #1.  Well now you can, say it in this fun to bead keychain, that she will carry with her everywhere, and when she looks at it she'll know how much she means to you.  Have Fun Beading!!! :-)

If you don't have a loom you can also create this pattern with a square stitch, which is the same just off loom.  There are many great tutorials and videos that will teach you how to do the square stitch on the internet.

#1 Mom Keychain

Or you can purchase for $8.00 directly from my PayPal link, and once payment has been received I will email you your pattern within 24 hours or soon to the email address you made payment through on PayPal. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Stop those beads from Wobbling

Product Description
For all of you wonderful Jewelry Makers out there who use lampwork beads (ours hopefully!)... or any 3/32" hole bead when you go to string them up or wire-wrap them, do you find that they wobble all over the place?

Well, Classy Art Glass solves that problem! Click on picture below and watch the video and you will see.  You can purchase the tubing on our website at as well as our handmade glass (Lampwork) beads.

When you purchase tubing from 
us we will send you a
hard copy of this tutorial 
Stop those beads from Wobbling